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Freelance Usability test

Project Overview

  • Freelancing project for a large watercraft company. * Details left out due to NDA*

  • The project was a usability test using a web based prototype for mobile

  • Collaborated with another Qual researcher, but they were focused on the other track on the project.

  • Also no photos will be shown of the prototypes


  • Can users buy expensive watercraft via an app?

  • Would they still want to go to a dealer?

  • Did they have issues navigating through the app?



  • Usability test of an early prototype

  • A total of 10 users were recruited

  • Were all 30-55 years of age

  • USA and Canada

  • Must have purchased expensive items online

  • All remote moderated

  • 19 screens in the prototype were tested

  • Post test survey was asked to the 10 participants after completing usability test on their thoughts

What was being tested:

  • Users understood what each screen did in regards to the purchasing process

  • Users understanding what went into the purchasing process (ex: financing, reserving)

  • Interacting with the product

  • Whether users understood the brands product line

  • Also the language used throughout the process (ex: Out of stock)

Also if they understood what some of the call to action buttons were ( ex: clock)


  • Prototype was very early stages so insights were limited due to the prototype

  • Recruiting was outsourced to an agency

  • Also timeline was rather short


  • Participants understood what screens were meant to do

  • Participants were confused in regards to some of language used (reserving vs purchase, “out of stock”... )

  • Participants wanted better interaction with the brand

  • Some Participants didn't feel like they would need to negotiate the transaction and some felt they wanted to go to a dealer

  • Some participants were not happy with the concept of upselling for extra products

  • Participants were confused on delivery options for the unit


Kalwani, V. Remote Usability Testing. "Remote Usability Testing - Best Practices", by Vikas Kalwani.

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