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Craft Beer delivery service

* Project is ongoing

About the project: Me and my friend John (you can click the link to view his portfolio) set out to solve an issue. Being craft beer enthusiasts we both realized there is a problem within the industry. Breweries are struggling and enthusiasts are struggling to acquire fresh beer from their local breweries. The project is going to be divided for users and clients that will utilize the service. In the project we acknowledge that craft beer is more for a niche market that is growing substantially.

My responsibilities: recruiting enthusiasts to take surveys, wireframe, prototypes and research.

Methodologies: Figma, google suite, pen & paper and more to come.....


Users: We created a survey using Google suite and reached out to craft beer groups and enthusiasts that enjoy drinking craft beer. We tried to make sure it was a wide diverse of locations.


The survey was used to get a sense of how craft beer enthusiasts were acquiring craft beer during the pandemic. I was also useful to ask questions on how familiar users were with food delivery apps.

The survey helped because it helped us learn a few things.

As seen from the graph, 4-5 which signifies that Craft beer is fairly important to those that took the survey. The percentage was majority of the 47 responses that took survey value having fresh craft beer in their lives.

Also asking how many users use food delivery apps help us gauge whether this would be useful for our potential users. Which according to the graph below 70% of our users use food delivery services.

Also another interesting point gathered from the survey data. Is that there is an interest for a craft beer delivery app.

*Stay tuned for further updates on what is to come from the project

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