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Buckeye Planner

Empathize Phase

Scheduling classes is often tedious and stressful for students. We interviewed each other on our experiences involving scheduling classes. Below we visualized our ideas on possible project ideas until we decided on a simple solution… Buckeye Planner.

Students are stressed when it comes to class scheduling.

Future Goal: Make it less stressful for the student.

We decided that one of the stressors every student faces is the uncertainty and complexity of the current scheduling process.

Define Phase

In the phase we thought of a better ways to improve on the experience of scheduling classes. We compared each of our thoughts and came up with some requires.

Framing the problem

Frame: Explore the scheduling experience. Making the process simple, but provide the most possible information for the user.

People: Students, advisers, professors, and prospective students.

Goal: Provide a centralized hub for all course scheduling information and to encapsulate the entire scheduling experience.

Situation: Currently students need several sources of information and a substantial amount of time to schedule/plan their academic futures.

Setting and Context: University and branch campuses, students currently need an updated scheduling program.

Ideate Phase

Created a wireframe on how the Buckeye Planner should flow.



Created a low fidelity prototype of what Buckeye Planner could look like.


11 out 12 people we asked said they prefer our system to the current scheduling system.

If this product is adopted by the university it would be deployed to a small section of students approximately 500 and tested for one semester. If feedback is positive then it would be deployed to the entire student body and other branches of OSU.

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