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Apple Watch Fitness App vs Nike Run Club App


This project was for my Human Computer Interaction class. We were required to pick a piece of technology and evaluate it. We ( me and 3 other group members) chose to do a comparison of Apple Watch fitness app and Nike Run Club app.


The motivation that drove this research was the rise in how popular fitness products have become., Being a runner myself and also using both of these prior I really wanted to know how these both compared.


Usability testing.

Interviews with collegiate runners.


Apple Fitness app using familiar interface metaphors which is easy to detect what workout you want to do for tracking. Since there is a variety of listed workouts such as; swimming, rowing and walking, Using interface metaphors makes it extremely user friendly.

Nike Run club app is focused primarily on running. There are many different modes of running from the quick start, to guided runs and running coaches. The UI is very easy to navigate and gives you a quick history on previous runs you have done.

It also does an excellent job with integrating music into your runs. Which is pretty good at helping motivate you to move faster or enjoy the jog.

Cons for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch fitness app an app that is a jack of all trades but is very limited.

No emotional support for running or coaching abilities.Feels very basic to use, more like for beginners. Also you need an iPhone for it operate.

Cons for the Nike Run club app

The Nike run club only is designed around running. So if you are not a runner then it isn’t very useful. It also seems its catered to seasoned runners not beginners.

Suggested Improvements

In the test we interviewed some Collegiate level runners to see what they thought of the running apps. Many of them have used it and said it was really not the ideal solution for them

Neither app could give the option to do splits, which is where a runner can sprint a certain distance and it tracks that option then rest. Cant tailor your running workout, its very straightforward on both apps. Runners can’t share their data with run log sites for example, Running2Win is a popular among runners to add times and information about the run.


Each app has its advantages deepening on what type of user you are. If you are seasoned runner Nike Run Club is the better option or if you like to do variety of workouts Apple Watch Fitness could be a better option.

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